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Gel tẩy trang Luna Tura

Với kết cấu các hạt enzyme từ chiết xuất thực vật, gel tẩy trang Luna Tura Enzyme Peeling Cleansing không chỉ hoàn thành tốt nhiệm vụ làm sạch sâu và cuốn trôi bụi bẩn, bã nhờn một cách nhẹ dịu, trả lại làn da sạch sẽ thông thoáng mà còn...

$16.80 $12.30
Oral-in-One Floss-Pick-Brush

The Built-in toothpick can pick out the residue effortlessly. The detachable hook toothpick can access the interior part of teeth effectively. The dual floss offers super durability and the extra cleaning power. It also comes with the detachable interdental brush, reaching the most hard-to-reach easily and flexibly. The special designed...


COAL TOOTHPASTE: DEEP cleaning and WHITENING CHARCOAL is very efficient against dental plaque, bad breath and stains on teeth. BIO ADHESIVENESS enhances its active components action. PARABEN FREE.