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OEM Service – Produce according to your requirements

Hello, Firstly Vngrow would like to briefly explain the concept of OEM and then the service provided by Vngrow.

What is OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturers. The simple explanation is that you have an idea for a product but don’t have the factory or equipment to create the product. You will require factories with enough equipment to make products for you.

For example, You think of a very beautiful canvas bag and want to get 100 pieces to sell, but you don’t have the workers or machines to sew 100 bags. You will find a company and place an order to make fabric bags according to your design and brand. This company will absolutely not put any of its logos or trademarks on your products. This product is yours. You will be a business owner with your own tailor-made garment factory without paying any labor, machinery, or factory rent.

Why choose Vngrow Co.,ltd

1/ It will be difficult and time-consuming for you to find information about suppliers, but not necessarily suppliers but trading companies.

2/ Most of the manufacturers in Vietnam are small and have no international trade experience, they will be afraid to work with foreign customers as well as the language and commercial culture disagreement.

3/ If you work with a supplier who has exported a lot, their attitude is not good and seems to be “needless”. What they care about is how much your order is worth and they only accept when you have made an order decision without supporting and providing you with information during the pre-order process.

4 / The minimum order quantity required by the supplier is relatively high. This causes a lot of waste for you if you want to order samples for market testing or don’t need that quantity.

Vngrow focuses on serving small and medium customers. Large orders will have their own interactive channel.


Our company is not a direct factory. We are you broker between you and producer.

Summary of the process:

Implementation process You Vngrow
Provide order information x  
Receive information and advice   x
Work with the supplier   x
Monitor and update production progress   x
Check the goods x x
After-sales service   x

What we do with the process

1/ Receive request from customer: You give us your requirements about the product: material, color, size, quality, delivery time, ……

2/ Receive information and advice: After receiving information from you, Vngrow will check your order and discuss with you if you need more information or have appropriate advice.

3/ Work with the supplier: Vngrow will work with suppliers on your product requirements and receive feedback and quotes from suppliers. Vngrow will transfer the quotation from the supplier to you. If necessary, we will set up a chat group for you to talk directly with the supplier. Vietnamese suppliers often use Zalo, Wechat, What’s app to work but rarely use email. You can have a quick chat through these phone apps but of course official information such as sample confirmation, order quantity confirmation and delivery time must be done by email.

4/ Monitor and update production progress: Vngrow will regularly update the production progress for you according to the information from the supplier so that you can understand the situation or handle when there are situations that delay the progress.

5/ Check goods: A big advantage when you cooperate with Vngrow is that you can check the product before receiving the goods. The commercial practice of Vietnamese people is to only deliver goods at the warehouse or at the port to limit risks, so the goods inspection will be done when the buyer receives the goods and gives feedback to the seller. With large orders, importers will often hire a 3rd inspection unit such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, … to inspect the goods before receiving the goods.
As for regular orders, the buyer will inspect the goods after the goods arrive. Although it is still possible to refuse to receive the goods if they are not according to the order or the quality is not satisfactory, importers will still accept a discount from the seller to receive the goods because returning the goods will take a long time. as well as importers do not have goods to provide partners.

6/ After-sales Service Vngrow will support you even after receiving the goods with problems such as product quality feedback, warranty or complaint

OEM services fee

OEM service fees are the fees you will pay us to perform the following:

  • Our brokerage between you and the manufacturer.
  • Communicate information between the two parties.
  • Track production progress and keep you updated
  • Handling and overcoming when there is a dispute between the two parties

OEM service fee:

Order value Charges Payment term
<1000 USD 50USD/Order Pay In Advance 50USD
1000 – 5000 USD 5% value of the order Pay In Advance 50USD and the balance before delivery
5000 – 10.0000 USD 4% value of the order Pay In Advance 50USD and the balance before delivery
>10.000 USD 3,5% value of the order or negotiate Pay In Advance 50USD and the balance before delivery