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G-Feddy 400g Special Meat Spring Rolls

G-Feddy 400g Special Meat Spring Rolls Brand: G-Feddy Origin: Viet Nam Packing: 400g Details: G-Feddy Special Meat Spring Rolls 400g PRODUCT INFORMATION INGREDIENTS: Sponge rice paper (Wheat flour), pork (26%), tapioca root, black fungus, vermicelli, taro, carrot, soy protein, onion, garlic, sugar, iodized salt, substance flavor enhancer (E621), pepper, wheat...

Cozy artichoke tea bag

Artichoke Cozy 365 Daily filter bag tea box of 25 packs of cool flavor, detoxifying the body, good for health. Ingredients: Artichoke flowers & black tea Net weight: 50g Pack weight: 20g/pack Package: 25 packs/box The unique combination of black tea and pure artichoke gives a characteristic delicious taste, good...

Wonderfarm coconut milk can 400ml

Wonderfarm coconut milk 400ml. The product is used to prepare stir-fry dishes, cooking, giving dishes a rich, delicious flavor that is hard to resist. Selling price is 24 cans – 1 carton Type: Mixed Coconut Milk Capacity: 400ml Gross Weight: 10 kgs Package: 24 cans/carton MOQ: 1 carton Ingredients: Coconut...

Frusa Fruit Snack – Dried fruit origin Vietnam

Product Type: Fruit Snack Drying form: limber dried – using high temperature (50 – 70 degrees Celsius) to lose part of the product’s water vapor and then cooled. Gross weight 35g Storage Store in a cool, dry place. Close the packaging after use Brand: Frusa (Vietnam) Origin: Vietnam Certificate: HACCP...

Cozy instant hot ginger tea

Cozy instant ginger tea 20 detox packs per box, good for health. Ingredients: Ginger powder is extracted from 100% old ginger root, refined sugar Net weight: 200g Pack weight: 10g/pack Package: 20 packs/box Uses: Helps to moderate, disperse the cold, support the body when cold, cold limbs, abdominal pain, nausea....

Pickled shrimp with papaya VNF

Pickled shrimp with papaya 430g VNF with a characteristic-rich flavor, stimulating the taste buds. Selling price is 4 pcs Net weight: 430g | Gross Weight: 500g MOQ: 4 pcs Ingredients: Papaya 31%, shrimp 22%, water, sugar, salt, garlic, chili, galangal,… How to use: Serve with rice, vermicelli, raw vegetables, boiled...

Caramelized fish sauce VNF

Caramelized fish sauce 250g with characteristic rich flavor, stimulating the taste buds Selling price is 4 pcs Net Weight: 250g | Gross Weight: 300g MOQ: 4pcs Ingredients: Fish sauce (37.5%) (anchovy, iodine, salt, water), white sugar, water, soybean oil, seawater, garlic, red onion, pepper, chili, corn starch, flavor enhancer (...