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100pcs Bamboo straw


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Bamboo straws specifications:
Length: 20cm.
Diameter: milk tea size 8mm & coffee size 6mm.
Products meet export standards to Germany.
Products can be reused many times, helping to protect the environment.
The product is completely biodegradable and does not harm nature.

User manual:
Bamboo straws are used to drink water, drink coffee, milk tea.
When finished using, customers wash bamboo straws with specialized brushes; dry in a dry place.
A bamboo straw can be reused for 6-12 months with individual users.

Storage instructions:
After use, wash the bamboo straw with the attached brush under the tap to clean.
Let dry for reuse.
Store straws in a clean and dry place.

Seven steps to make a bamboo straw
Bamboo straws are made from Thanh Hoa bamboo – where the first bamboo eco-park in Vietnam is located.

The bamboo here has thin walls, broad tube cross-section, so it is used for coffee and meets the needs of drinking pearl milk tea.

For the straws to reach the user, the bamboo has to go through 7 stages.

1/ Bamboo in the raw material area is exploited and brought to the factory.
2/ The farmers filter out the qualified bamboo plants and let them dry naturally in the sun.
3/ Then they cut the bamboo into pieces of 20cm (the standard length of a straw).
4/ Bamboo is brought to sand the two ends of the pipe and the whole body.
5/ Bamboo is cleaned with salt water and dried.
6/ Bamboo straws are boxed and shipped to users.
7/ After use, customers can clean bamboo straws with a coir brush under hot water, dry, and reuse within 3-6 months.
In which, the most crucial part is cleaning bamboo with natural saltwater.

Before being put on the market, bamboo straws are tested for SO2 concentration – to be granted a certificate of qualified bamboo straws to export abroad.

This certificate is the passport for the bamboo straws to be accepted in the German market; where the standard of goods is high, the people are incredibly meticulous.

In addition, if customers have their requirements, we can engrave the name of the business, restaurant, cafe …

Or meaningful messages on straws like “Back to natural”, “Save the earth”, “Save the ocean”,…

Vngrow has multi delivery methods depending on your requirements. Default on our website we provide express delivery services:

– DHL express (recommend): We have an account with DHL that will deliver to you as quickly as possible.

Relatively high cost, normal delivery time 4-5 days, with airway bill and tracking number.

– Epacket: We will send the goods to an intermediary for delivery.

Low cost, delivery time 16-25 days depending on the region, no shipping bill, risk of lost goods. Tracking number is only provided when the goods arrive in the destination country.

It would help if you bought a guaranteed service charge for the shipment. The fee is 10% of the shipment value and compensation 100% loss of goods. If not have the guarantee refund shipping and compensation 10$/shipment.

In addition, depending on your requirements, Vngrow will deliver the goods via Air cargo or sea shipping.


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