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Bamboo Water Bottle – Bamboo Thermal Water Bottle


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Bamboo water bottle. The most prominent feature is that the product is produced according to the trend of green consumption.

Made from 100% natural bamboo tube. Not going through the industrial cutting process like wood products.
Do not use harmful color chemicals to dye or create color on the product.
The design is simple yet elegant.
The color of the product is created from water-based paint. Effective against termites. In particular, this is a type of paint that is safe for users’ health.
The inside of the water tank is covered with tempered glass that is hygienic and insulated for the water tank.
There is one layer of insulation, according to industry standards, wrapped around the body of the bottle.
There is a convenient strap to wear on the motorbike when going to work
The product has bright colors; bamboo veins keep the original natural beauty. When you choose a bamboo thermos bottle, it will increase your aesthetic value. Create a feeling of closeness to nature, bring a sense of relaxation when enjoying tea.

Learn the production process of bamboo water bottle

Bamboo cups, tea boxes, or water jugs all have a similar manufacturing process. The only difference is in the design stage, and for only the bamboo water bottle with the lid, there will be an additional stage of producing the cover.

The production process of bamboo water bottles includes 12 stages:

  • Stage 1: Processing the bamboo material
    If the bamboos do not meet the standards of straightness or moisture, they will continue to be dried or bent until the new standard is used.
  • Stage 2: Sawing – cutting and cleaning the rough part
  • Stage 3: Clean the bamboo of the bottle body
    At this stage, the worker will create a fixed shape for the product, trimming evenly around. Create standard smoothness.
  • Stage 4: Polishing the product
  • Stage 5: Water-based paint to prevent moisture
  • Stage 6: Drying for the first time.
  • Stage 7: Cleaning finished products.
  • Stage 8: Drying for the second time.
  • Stage 9: install the glass jar
  • Stage 10: Wrap the insulation and install it on the bamboo tube
  • Stage 11: Machining the bottle cap from a CNC machine.
  • Stage 12: Quality inspection of products before shipment.

Before moving from one stage to another, there is an essential quality check. When the product is finished, it will have to go through a stricter inspection process. To ensure the finished product meets the committed standard:

  • The product surface is smooth. No damage to the user.
  • The wall thickness of the box and the body of the box must be guaranteed.
  • The tightness between the box and the lid.
  • And some other strict standards according to production standards.

A closed process manufactures bamboo tube thermos bottle, strictly tested for quality, following “green” standards. Ensure no chemical additives, harmful to the environment and consumer health.

In particular, the product can be engraved with logos and slogans by modern laser technology. Helping businesses convey brand messages more impressive. What’s more, the product can be reused for a long time.

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