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Korean style is especially loved and studied by young people in recent years, from the way of dressing, makeup, to the food background, … it is not strange to decorate the interior in Korean style. The outstanding advantage of this style is convenience, freshness, and vitality. The mini bed dining table is a product that brings comfort and freshness to users.

Specifications of bed tray table:
Dimensions: 56 x 33 x 24.5 cm (L x Width x Height)
Material: Rubberwood
Color: Natural wood, White, Black, Grey
Origin: Vietnam – Export goods

Features and structure of the mini bed dining table:
The mini bed dining table has a compact and convenient size, making it easy to move anywhere you feel comfortable, be it the living room, sofa, or bed,…
The material is made from imported pine wood frames with excellent quality and beauty, giving you a great experience!

The color of the mini bed table is neutral, easy to coordinate with other interior products, harmonizing your living space.
The table has a compact size, with an intelligent design with a handle that makes it easy to move, easy to fold, very suitable for small spaces.

In addition to using the bed tray – mini Bed table as a small dining table, you can use it as a desk or a small study table right on your bed.

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