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Luxury Embroidered Pillowcase Blanket Set (blanket cover) – Gray


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Thang Loi 100% cotton duvet cover set includes:
– 1 quilted duvet cover 160 x 200 x 27 cm or 180 x 200 x 27 cm
– 1 embroidered blanket cover 200 x 220 cm
– 2 quilted pillowcases 50 x 70 cm
– 1 embroidered pillowcase 37 x 105 cm
synchronously designed in the same style, contributing to adorn the bedroom space more elegant and modern.

Durable sewn from 100% cotton
The product set is sewn with 100% cotton, which is durable, does not shed, does not fade, and dries quickly, so it is convenient for washing. High-quality materials are suitable for all types of weather, gentle on sensitive skin, and do not cause skin irritation.
The fabric is cool and soft, bringing a smooth and comfortable feeling to the user. The blanket is cool, quilted with 100% polyester to create thickness and warmth when covered.

The seam is sure, meticulous
The drap cover is sewn according to the shape and thickness of the mattress to keep the mattress surface flat, avoid shifting, helping your bed become neater. The stitching is meticulous and even, helping to minimize the situation of tearing and breaking the thread during use.

Elegant design, harmonious color
The Thang Loi high-quality embroidered quilted 100% cotton blanket and pillow set has a delicate design with vivid embroidered motifs combining harmonious colors, not only taking care of sleep for the whole family but also bringing a lot of inspiration. Great for bedroom decoration. Products are manufactured according to advanced technology and blanched according to export standards, originating in Vietnam, ensuring high aesthetics and long-term use-value.

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