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Scorched Rice Topped With Pork Floss QV


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Scorched rice topped with pork floss is processed according to the heirloom recipe since 2001 with freshly cooked, dried and deep-fried rice in compliance with food safety standards.
The taste is suitable for those who eat moderately spicy. The combination of spicy and salty creates an extremely attractive feeling to eat.

  • Packing: Products are vacuum packed 100% to ensure food safety and hygiene.
  • Weight: 250g, 500g/pack
  • MOQ: 6pack
  • Expiry date: 04 months from date of manufacture.
  • User manual: The product can be used immediately after opening the vacuum bag.

Vngrow has multi delivery methods depending on your requirements. Default on our website we provide express delivery services:

– DHL express (recommend): We have an account with DHL that will deliver to you as quickly as possible.

Relatively high cost, normal delivery time 4-5 days, with airway bill and tracking number.

– Epacket: We will send the goods to an intermediary for delivery.

Low cost, delivery time 16-25 days depending on the region, no shipping bill, risk of lost goods. Tracking number is only provided when the goods arrive in the destination country.

It would help if you bought a guaranteed service charge for the shipment. The fee is 10% of the shipment value and compensation 100% loss of goods. If not have the guarantee refund shipping and compensation 10$/shipment.

In addition, depending on your requirements, Vngrow will deliver the goods via Air cargo or sea shipping.


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