Business storage services in Vietnam

Vngrow storage services are suitable for online entrepreneurs, stores, and individuals.

Having an inventory of goods will make your business easier when you can buy from multiple suppliers and gather in one place to organize and ship.

We are like your representative office in Vietnam. You can refer customers to our base to see your goods. We are willing to help you take photos and videos of goods send to your customers.

Our storage is a save-cost service to support your business. As your business grows, we will have more opportunities to cooperate.

Storage service fee

Your goods will keep in normal conditions, dry, moisture-free. Each customer’s goods will be placed separately and we assume all responsibility for loss.
Customers use our logistics services: airfreight, sea freight, and express delivery will be free 10 days.
Storage times at least is 2 days.
Let us know the details, and we will make you a quotation or you reference the fee table below:



Storage by kgs USD 0.005/kgs/day
Storage by CBM USD 0.5/cbm/day
Handling fee USD 5/shipment
Overload charge* USD 5/shipment

*Overload charge: apply for the parcel over 30kgs/pkg or dimension of the parcel exceed 120 centimeters (cm)

How to calculate the storage fee?

We will instruct you how to calculate the storage free for your shipment. Of course, we will do it for you, we explain to you make clear it.

E.g., Your shipment is 1000 pcs T-Shirts packed in 2 boxes need to store in 25 days to gather with the others have the details:

  • Gross Weight: 20 kgs/box
  • Dimension: 60*40*40 cm/box

We will calculate the chargeable weight by the convert weight formula: (Length*Width*High)/5000 with dimension unit is centimeter

So we got:

  • Total gross weight: 20*2= 40kgs
  • Converter weight: [(60*40*40)/5000]*2= 38.4 kgs
  • Gross Weight 40kgs > 38.4 kgs Convert Weight => Chargeable Weight is 40kgs

=> Storage charges = Chargeable Weight * Storage fee/kgs * Storage day + Handling fee

<=> Storage charges = (40*0.005*25)+5 = USD 10 for 25 days

How does it work? Read our story

When we started, we worked with foreign customers in Vietnam to buy many kinds of goods. They purchase clothing, shoes, jeans, food,… And will usually store the goods at the supplier’s warehouse.
When there is a sufficient amount of goods, they notify the suppliers to deliver the goods to the warehouse of the shipping agent and pack them.
It saves them on shipping costs because large packages will save costs and more convenience to mix products.
You can imagine that you have three customer orders:
  • 1st customer: 500 T-shirts, 300 jeans, 100 hats
  • 2nd customer: 300 T-shirts, 400 jeans, 500 hats
  • 3rd customer: 200 T-shirts, 300 jeans, 400 hats
You buy the goods from 3 suppliers. How can you separate and deliver to each customer?
Usually, the process will be:
  • 1/ Each supplier send the goods to the shipping agent
  • 2/The agent will deliver your goods three times or wait to consolidate one time
  • 3/ You receive the goods and organize them, then give them to your customers.
It takes the shipping fee two times.
The shipping agent may not help you separate your goods, and sometimes you meet problems such as suppliers not on time, production delays,…
How long does it take, and the shipping agent will wait for that?
We have implemented a service for customers whose goods need to be collected many times and gathered in one place for convenient packing and saving shipping costs.
We store your goods, organize and ship them to your requirements.
Other delivery services will not be able to serve you like this. If you send goods to the big warehouse, the cost will be very high, and your quantity must be many.
Therefore, you can use our services at a low cost but still ensure your business operations. In the soon future, we will expand investment in warehousing services and a more professional management system but still keep the original value.

Work with us in a small order to see what we can do for you

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