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Vngrow Co., Ltd is a Vietnam sourcing agent based in Ho Chi Minh City. Our services cater to all sizes of businesses, online entrepreneurs, stores, or even individuals that can benefit from the proper sourcing.
Try to understand the desires of foreign customers when looking for products from Vietnam. We bring you peace of mind, comfort, accurate information, and economic benefits.
Finding the suppliers in Vietnam that can meet your needs through online channels such as Google, Facebook, …. may not be effective because:
1/ The big suppliers you find on google are usually not interested in minor orders, or the “needless” attitude will make you extremely uncomfortable.
2/ The minimum order they require in bulk can be one to four containers (depending on the item)
3/ The suppliers’ productions capacity do not suitable for your order
4/ Supplier does not have precise information; they don’t have a website, email, or phone number. Sometimes it’s just an address, and you have to come there.
5/ Difficulty communicating: the language with small and medium suppliers is difficult to falsify goods information; Vietnamese suppliers often work via phone call or message.
6/ One product, many prices: Many companies produce the same product at many different prices. You must choose the product with the right price according to your needs.
7/ Uncompetitive price: Sometimes, the supplier you are looking for is a trading company, not a manufacturer.
Vngrow has a list of several reputable suppliers is wholesalers, manufacturers in apparel, food, and handicrafts that have joined us to fulfill any orders.

What we do for you?

Vngrow provides services of sourcing Vietnamese goods, negotiating, and purchasing. Cooperate with us; we are import-export staff working for your company – All for your benefit.
Vngrow has experience in handling many problematic shipments and will advise you to minimize risks in international trade.
Our sourcing services include:

How does the sourcing process work?

Vngrow is a potent export agent in Vietnam. You can search for Vietnamese export products on our website and get samples.Buy the samples in minor quantities and store them in our warehouse, then use the express delivery service to receive them.

For more information:
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📞 Hotline: +84 901 40 40 20 (what’s app, wechat, viber)

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    My company is true bamboo and I need to find a supplier for bamboo clothing and products – that is reliable, great quality and cheap. Could you please help?

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